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Before & After School Club

Please download and have a look at our prospectus!

We offer a breakfast and after school club to the children at St Mary's Catholic Primary School. The children are free to choose activities and resources as they wish. There will always be a selection of activities and resources available, including dressing up, home corner, craft, board trains, construction, physical play and reading. In addition, other resources are available for the children to select from our equipment library. We have access to the school's grounds and make use of the playground or school field during each session.

We provide healthy snacks, including fresh fruit and vegetables. We promote independence by encouraging the children to prepare their own snacks, and to clear away after themselves. Fresh drinking water is available at all times. We meet individual dietary requirements and parental preferences wherever possible. We recognise the importance of healthy nutrition for children delivered in a calm, friendly setting. Please see our menus below.

Sessions & Fees (From September 2021)

Breakfast club - (7.30-8.45am)


Children have a choice of toast, cereal, yoghurt or fruit during this session.


After School club

Early After School (before 4pm pick up) £6.50

After School (before 5.30pm pick up) £10.95

Late After School (before 6pm pick up) £12.95 - please note, this session must be booked in advance


Please see our menu above - snack is served at 5pm and is included in the after school and late after school session prices.